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Dance Class


Our Dance Studio offers a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our monthly tuition breakdown to find what best fits your needs.



Pricing is per month and will be automatically withdrawn at the start of each month.  Registration fee and September tuition are due at time of enrollment. Tuition is calculated by taking the total number of weeks (approximately 40) and dividing it by 10 equal payments.  There will be a non-refundable costume deposit of $50 per costume due in November. If your child will not be participating in our annual June show, we will need to know by Nov. 1 via email. 

30 minute class                                         $60

45 minutes class                                       $65

60 minute class                                         $70

75 minute class                                         $75

5-7 hours per week per student                $260

     *$180+ Discount 

7.1-9.9 hours per week per student          $285

     *$305+ Discount 

10+ hours per week per student               $305

     *$310+ Discount 

Yearly Registration Fee (single student)    $40

Yearly Registration Fee (family)                 $60

Payment Policies:

Refund Policy - Tuition is charged monthly, and there will not be any refunds given. If you choose to stop dancing mid-year, you will need to give written notice to before the 15th of the month, or you will be charged for that month's tuition. 
Act of god - If there are any
unforeseen circumstances that the studio will not be able to provide in-studio services, all classes will be offered online and account payment commitment will still be from September to June. Our refund policy will not apply to any act of god or unforeseen circumstances.


ATTENDANCE: Students are expected to attend class regularly. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class.  Please be on time. Students are encouraged to make up missed classes. No Refunds/Discounts are given for missed classes. Please notify the studio if you are going to be absent (978) 957-8668. If your child’s teacher is absent from class, one of our faculty members will substitute that class. There will be a few Fridays & Saturdays that Teachers & Assistants will be at competition and conventions. Class will have a substitute teacher.


GUEST TEACHERS: Occasionally, 5-6-7-8 Dance Studio will host guest teachers and choreographers. Extra fees may apply for class.


CLASS PARTICIPATION: 5-6-7-8 Dance Studio and the instructors are not liable for personal injuries, loss or damage to personal property. Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations which may prevent your child’s full participation in class.


INCLEMENT WEATHER: If there is a school delay, early dismissal or closing due to inclement weather, all morning classes will be cancelled. Afternoon and/or evening classes may still be held. Please check our website and Facebook page for updates.


WAITING AREA: While classes are being held, please keep noise level to a minimum. Please pick up after yourself, as there will be other classes coming in.


  • 5678 Dance Studio is a PEANUT / TREE NUT FREE zone.

  • Please avoid bringing foods containing any nuts to the studio.

  • Only water and healthy snacks are allowed in the studio.

  • Please have drinks and snacks that are NON-STAINING.


LOST & FOUND: 5-6-7-8 is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please check the lost & found box located in the lobby promptly, since it will be emptied out the last Sunday of every month.

SHOE EXCHANGE: If you would like to donate your dance shoes, and/or pick up a pair of donated shoes, please see the studio office.

MONTHLY NEWSLETTER: We send out a monthly newsletter via email with important information about schedules, shows, tickets, staff and more!  If you do not receive a newsletter each month, please see the office staff to add your email address.

AWARDS: If you have been dancing at 5-6-7-8 for five, ten, or fifteen years, you will receive a trophy at the Annual Recital. Please sign up in studio office.

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